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We all want relief from COVID. Whether it’s at home, at school, or at work. Unfortunately many out there have been led to believe that this relief is owed to us by the insurance industry. This is especially the case regarding the numerous businesses that have suffered interruption during the pandemic. While business interruption insurance helps protect you in many areas, it cannot protect you from the unpredictable and catastrophic losses that occur from events such as a global pandemic. But like the many we mentioned above, most are still left wondering why.

This is where a good interactive explainer can come in handy! Explore information about what business interruption insurance covers, how surplus helps pay for covered perils such as hurricanes and wildfires, how insurers have stepped up to help policyholders during the COVID-19 crisis, and the need for a federal solution to financially support businesses impacted by the pandemic. Click the link provided below by The Future of American Insurance & Reinsurance to learn more:

Business Interruption Insurance

The Future of American Insurance & Reinsurance is an initiative created and led by the Insurance Information Institute.

Visit their website to explore more in-depth info and resources concerning business interruption insurance!

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