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Protecting Your Business Income

Standard Covered Causes of Loss:

  • Explosion
  • Falling objects
  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Ice
  • Lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Weight of snow
  • Wind

Standard Uncovered Causes of Loss (exclusions):

  • Bacteria
  • Earth movement
  • Flood
  • Military action and war
  • Mudslide or mudflow
  • Nuclear reaction or radiation
  • Offsite power outage
  • Virus


Please call your agent immediately if you experience any kind of business interruption. We will do our best to help! 

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This material is for general informational purposes only. All statements are subject to the terms, exclusions and conditions of the applicable policy. In all instances, current policy contract language prevails. Products, services and discounts referenced herein are not available in all states or in all underwriting companies. Coverage is subject to individual policyholders meeting our underwriting qualifications and state availability.

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